How do I become a Pilot?


Today the Flying Club is proud to provide a flight training program that is second to none.  Our training facility is well equipped with classrooms, briefing rooms, flight lounge and more.


What does it take, and am I eligble?
The requirements for issue of a Recreational Permit or Private Pilot licence are described in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) and can be summarized as follows:

AGE: You must have reached your sixteenth birthday to hold a Recreational Permit and your seventeenth birthday to hold a Private licence, but you may begin your training prior to these dates.

MEDICAL FITNESS: You must meet certain medical requirements. If you are in good health you need expect no problems. Some people discover they are partially colour blind and this might restrict them to day flying only. Your eyesight must be correctable with required lenses, and contact lenses are O.K. To maintain your Recreational Permit you must pass a routine medical every five years. The Private licence requires a medical every two years if you are under forty, and every year if you are over forty.

KNOWLEDGE: You must demonstrate your knowledge by obtaining at least sixty percent in a written examination on the subjects you will study in the groundschool classes.

SKILL: When your training is completed, your instructor will recommend you for a flight test, during which you will demonstrate your ability to perform normal and emergency maneuvers appropriate to the aircraft being used in the test.
The Brandon Flying Club is a recognized educational institution, and as a non profit organization is dedicated to providing flying training at the lowest possible costs. It is important to understand that the more frequently you fly the more efficient your training will be and the less it will cost you. It is wise to arrange your financing before you begin so your training will not be interrupted by lack of funds.

For more detailed information on the different certificates follow the links:

How do I get started?

Question 1: How do I get started?

The first step could be to take an introductory flying lesson with one of our flying instructors.  This is basically a “sneak preview” at a reduced rate to allow you to try your new adventure out, without going through the full expense. If you know already what you want, you can start flying at ANY time immediately upon sign-up. Then you should not delay to complete your medical application, respectively schedule an appointment with an Aviation Medical Examiner (see PPL for an approved doctor).

You can continue taking flying lessons and/or attending ground school while waiting for your medical certificate to be processed by Transport Canada.

Question 2: How long will it take me to obtain my permit/License?

Everyone works at their own pace, depending on time and (sadly) money. Most people either attend an educational facility or work full time while taking flying lessons.

The PPUL can be easily obtained within 2-3 weeks.

The PPR and PPL can be accomplished anywhere from 4 weeks to 1 year.

To provide continuity, we recommend that you fly at least once a week, 2-3 times is even better. The more time you allow to lapse between training flights, the more review must be included in the next one. This will take much longer, and cost more money. Try to fly as often as possible, it will literally pay off.

Question 3: What times/days are available for training?

We work 7 days a week for your convenience. Initial flight training must only be conducted during daylight, and you can use those hours to the full extent. Particularly in the early stages of your training, we will be more limited by environmental conditions such as high winds, or marginal weather in general. As you become more experienced, those limitations decrease, and we can effectively train on more days. But safety will always be first, and there will surely be the odd day where we will be grounded due to weather or other reasons.

Question 4: Are those small planes really safe?

YES, they are! Our basic trainer is the very popular Cessna 172. The ‘172 is the all time record holder with over 37,000 copies built, number still increasing. This venerable aircraft taught literally hundreds of thousands of pilots to fly. The available Cessna 150 is basically an identical but smaller sibling.

Generally speaking, the smaller the plane, the less complex it is, the less can go wrong.  Looking at if this way, you can feel safer in a general aviation light aircraft, than in a sophisticated but complex airliner. Plus, we have no pressing schedules to meet, no paying passengers to please.

YOU are the one who decides when it is a good time to fly, and when it is better to stay on the ground. Don’t let the media scare you, most accidents were “asked” for by the pilot. NOT the aircraft!

Question 5: Can I pay as I go?

Yes, we offer “pay as you go” ,BUT PLEASE do not translate this into “go as you can pay”!!!

To take Flying lessons this way will guarantee you a great deal of frustration and will really hurt your checkbook.

Here’s why: The estimated cost for your course is based on the assumption that the training is conducted in an organized, structured and continuous manner. Thereby assuring that the review portion of each and every training flight is kept at the required minimum. The more time you allow to lapse between flights, the more review will be included in each of them.  Studies conducted by Transport Canada show that the average student remembers approximately 40% of lesson material after three weeks without review. This lost knowledge
(that was already paid for) must be reacquired – frustrating and expensive!

Question 6: Is financing available?

Yes, there are many institutions that offer student loans for flight training.

As a member of the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC), the Brandon Flying Club is able to offer its students the services of Greenlight Financial Services, a division of the Toronto Dominion Bank. This specialized Flight training loan is NOT available to any regular branch of the TD Bank. Applicants must contact Greenlight Financial Services directly, regardless of any prior or current dealings with the TD Bank. With the funds to complete your training available, it will be faster, more enjoyable, and you can take advantage of the bonuses and benefits us outlined in the answer to the next question.

Question 7: Are there any bonuses and/or benefits for prepayment?

You bet. Any prepayment over $500.00 will receive an immediate 5% bonus.

Prepay $500.00, have $525.00 available; prepay $1000.00, have $1050.00 available and so on. If you prepay a minimum of $5000.00, we will give you a FREE ASA HS1 headset (voice-activated microphone/earphone combination), which normally retails for $169.00, IN ADDITION to the 5% bonus.

That means, that if you prepay a Private Pilot course, you practically receive the equivalent of 3 hours of FREE flying, plus the $169.00 headset.

Is this a deal or what?!

Question 8: What other benefits do I receive for training with the BFC?

The BFC is a proud and supporting member of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA). As such, we can offer every student one year of free membership ($49.00 value) with COPA once the student accomplishes its first solo-flight. COPA is the recognized voice for general aviation in Canada. As a member, you have access to an great number of services including FREE legal advice in aviation matters, various discounts (hotel, rental car, special credit cards, etc.), and the valuable Canadian Flight Publication.

BFC members receive discount rates on fuel and other services. As a member of the BFC, you are entitled to use all club facilities, such as the clubhouse, hangar and shop facilities, 24/7 – year round. Social programs – aviation related or just for fun – are a bonus that only a club can offer. Our bi-monthly newsletter Ready for Take Off will keep you informed of the local flying scene.

Last but not least, not everybody can call him/herself a member of one of the oldest and certainly most prestigious social fellowships in the greater area.

Refer a friend: Receive Two (2) hours free solo flying (value up to $170.00). by the time a referred friend solos!

Question 10: The Ground school times are inconvenient for me, do I have options?

Yes. You can conduct a very renowned home study course (Cullhane) that is available for purchase at the BFC. The cost is approximately $70.00, at the same time you save the ground school charge $200.00.

Anything that needs clarification can be discussed with your instructor during your next training session.

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